• photo by Gordon Chibroski, The Portland Press Herald


    This site will shortly become an active “LOG” of a book that I am writing with Chief Investigator Patrick J. McKenna. The title will be “THE TRUTH ABOUT THE O. J. SIMPSON VERDICTS”. The chapters will be a chronological account of how we managed the facts in the case, and to an extent the trial;

    • What evidence was poorly handled.
    • Why the trial took four times as long as it should have.
    • What evidence was left out because the prosecution conceded it had lost the case.
    • Who played what key roles in producing the still controversial result.

    As chapter summaries are added to this site, certain kinds of reader questions and comments will be invited. The program should begin late in April 2011, with its first posting; an outline for the book. Completion is anticipated to take about one year.

    F. Lee Bailey“It’s time somebody put out the real facts of the case.”

    photo by Gordon Chibroski, The Portland Press Herald