As a result of a meeting held with my co-author, Patrick J. McKenna, and others participating in the effort to produce the book, THE TRUTH ABOUT THE SIMPSON VERDICT, which took place this last weekend, this introductory memorandum is being submitted to get the project in motion. This will be a very different kind of book as against those that are created and published in the ordinary course of literary production.

First, rather than keep its contents secret, we intend to publish, in  the form of a log, the procession of writing events from beginning to end, with small synopses as we go along.

Second, we are going to invite reader input and comment as we proceed, hoping to answer questions and points of view which we might otherwise miss.  NOTE:  this consideration will apply only to those who have read the material submitted, and who are speaking within the realm of reason.  Those who are hate-spewing, unread, and red of neck will be ignored.  Pat and I have heard enough ignorant remarks over the past sixteen years to convince us that this group is not worth any attention at all.

Third, despite the fact that Mr. Simpson was acquitted, more than 80% of the white community has judged that he is nonetheless guilty, and that his jury was racist, or retarded, or inattentive.  That is why we are writing this book.  Although evidence adduced in the civil case may be a fair basis for some questions, let us say at the outset that this was one step shy of a Kangaroo Court; Judge Fujisaki was about as impartial as Pontius Pilate, and the civil jurors had had a good look at what the press and public had done to abuse the criminal jury, they were not about to invite similar treatment by voting for Simpson.  In all of these circumstances, Pat and I are going to assume the Burden of Proof; we will undertake to show with thorough support from the evidence – much of which never factored in either trial – that Orenthal James Simpson could not have, would not have, and did not play any role in the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman at about 10:35 – 10:40p.m., Pacific Daylight Time, on June 12, 1994.

There were a number of books written after the Simpson criminal trial, some of them flops and others fairly widely read.  Only two are reasonably authoritative: Johnnie Cochrane’s autobiography Journey to Justice1 and VERDICT2, by Linda Deutch and Michael Fleeman3.  Questions and comments arising from those works will be respected on these pages, and answered when possible.

We will expect those who wish their comments and questions to be considered and answered as we move along through what is planned to be a twelve-month project to have read – carefully – the 49-page document posted at www.baileyandelliott.com. It would also be important to read through the attached statement Simpson – alone, without counsel – gave to two wizened detectives soon after he landed in Los Angeles having aborted his golfing plans in Chicago.

At the bottom line, we expect the strength of our presentation to rest on the Appendix, which will not be printed but will be posted on this site for all to review, and download as well, if not prohibited by some copyright or other.  Just as a brief in the United States Supreme Court is merely an argument, whose support is almost wholly found in the printed Appendix which is filed with it, we expect our submission to be similarly buttressed.  In many of the books published in this case, there has been a surfeit of lazy research, biased assertions, and blatant misrepresentation as to what really happened.  That will not happen here.

We have also included a document Pat and I circulated among all counsel and Judge Lance Ito just prior to the commencement of the trial, urging in the most sincere  terms that despite the aggressive nature of our adversary system, this case be handled in open court in a professional manner calculated to do credit to the legal profession, and to the United States.  The reader will no doubt have some thoughts about whether or not this exhortation was taken seriously.

F. Lee Bailey

Patrick J. McKenna

1 With Tim Rutten, Ballantine Books, 199

2 Associated Press, 1995

3 We have not rated the book written by three of the jurors: Madam Forman: Rush To Judgment?, simply because it is an internal, rather than external book.  It is, however, well worth reading.

2 Responses to Outline

  1. maggie mulroony

    Where may I see your first chapter? I’ve tried but unsuccessful.
    I think I am the only middle aged white woman who thinks that OJ could possibly be not guilty. There were several circumstances where Policemen could have planted evidence.
    It is not unknown in law enforcement.

  2. My wife and I are looking forward to reading your “book”. Being able to download it on-line is ok, but it would be nice to be able to purchase your “book” in hard back form.

    Of course I understand that the editors would probably “screw-it-up”.

    I would also like to ask your views on “law-suits” after a “person/persons” were not found guilty in a criminal trial. Still seems like double jeopardy to me? This occurred with OJ, but seems like this could happen to anyone.

    Good Luck, jz

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